Mitchel DiLorenzo

Mitchel DiLorenzo

An investment real estate specialist, Mitchel DiLorenzo holds a bachelor’s degree in real estate from the University of San Diego (USD) and a Master of Science in Finance from the USD School of Business.

Mitchel grew up in the real estate business. His father is involved in lending on numerous commercial and residential real estate projects and his mother is an active luxury real estate agent. Prior to launching his own real estate career, Mitchell assisted the family business.

Mitchel takes great pride in being dedicated to the service of his clients, real estate team and country. He is currently in the Marine Corps Basic School as a Second Lieutenant.

While at USD, Mitchel was a Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps Midshipman and held numerous leadership positions, including mentoring, and leading more than 60 Midshipman in their preparation for leadership school.

The mentorship and education that Mitchel provides for his clients in each of their transactions reflects the mentoring and education he has received in his career and through the military.

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